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Northfield UN-X-LD Cutlery, Tidioute Cutlery, Great Eastern Cutlery
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Tidioute Shield
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Shield
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Northfield Shield
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives (GEC) have quickly become the new standard to which quality cutlery is measured.  In an economy that leaves expendable income a precious commodity, GEC has delivered unprecedented value day after day.

Great Eastern Cutlery has grown their product line to a versatile mix of frame and blade combinations to accomplish most tasks at hand.  The trademarks produced are Northfield UN-X-LD Cutlery, Tidioute Cutlery, and Great Eastern Cutlery.   A few samples can be seen on our photo page.  Great Eastern Cutlery knives are produced in 1095 carbon steel (Northfield Cutlery and Tidioute Cutlery brands) and 440C stainless steel (Great Eastern Cutlery brand).

Bill Howard and Ken Daniels combine talents for a total of 60 years of nicely varied cutlery experience.  From design to distribution channel management, these two have it well in hand.  Great Eastern Cutlery is housed in what was previously the Cyclops Specialty Steels factory in Titusville, PA.
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Northfield Blood Red Toothpick
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Northfield Walnut Little Carver
Great Eastern Cutlery Knives Northfield Cutlery Red Stag Lockback
Great Eastern Cutlery has decided that they will do as much of the work themselves as possible.  They cut, jig, and dye their own handles.  Stamp / etch out their own blades, shields, and bolsters.  Print their own labels, and much more.  Great Eastern does send the blades out for professional heat treat; but that is about the only function which they will trust another party.

They have also used acrylic variations that make a Great Eastern Cutlery knife stand out in a crowd.  From their self-named Eggs & Hot Sauce acrylic to acrylic sandwiched abalone veneer they call Looking Glass Abalone; collectors can really turn some heads when these works of art come out of the pocket.

If you don't already have a few Great Eastern Cutlery knives, give them a try.  But be careful, they are very addictive.

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